Tubular Battery
Relicell Long Life Tubular batteries are specially designed to withstand long and frequent power cuts with very low maintenance requirements. They are manufactured at a state of the art ISO 9001:2000 certified factory using the latest high pressure casting technology for better performance and durability, and conform to BIS 13369 - 1992.
Relicell Tubular batteries have a long cyclic life span (more than 1000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge), high specfic energy and low self discharge rate. They are ideally suited to use in applications that require deep cycling under extreme operating conditions. Hence the Relicell Tubular battery is the ideal companion for your Inverter or UPS during prolonged and frequent power cuts.
All Relicell Tubular batteries are supplied in factory charged condition thereby ensuring quality and optimum life.
Relicell has an extensive service network across India to offer support for the products sold.
  Inverters & UPS
  Solar & wind energy storage
  Telecommunications power supply
  Emergency lighting
  Office automation equipment
  • Tubular positive plates made from
  • highly corrosion resistant lead alloy.
  • Strong & rugged translucent PP
  • container with heat sealed cover and handles for easy lifting.
  • Micro porous aqua trap ceramic vent
  • plug with electrolyte level indicator. Prevents acid mist from coming out of cells.
  • Deep cycle design with low
  • maintenance.
  • High porosity PE separators provide
  • low electrical resistance and prevent oxidation.
  • Superior active materials for
  • excellent discharge performance.
    24 Months Warranty
    24 months - Free repair or replacement. Warranty is subject to the conditions mentioned in the Warranty Card.